Coordination Costa Brava

PME Coordination offers a number of additional services related to your upcoming stay in your home. These services ensure a pleasant start to your holiday and include the following:

  • Coordination and communication between the owner and the companies checking and maintaining your home.
  • Maintenance of your car and any MOT-style inspection, should the need arise.
  • Buying the first groceries for your arrival.
  • Cleaning and annual check of the gas/oil boiler.
  • Transport to or from the station or airport.
  • Cost estimates for maintenance or possible improvements that can be carried out in your house or garden.
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All the services of PMEmporda:


We check your home at least once every fortnight. Think of your electricity, water, gas supply, cleaning and more.

Extra service

These services add comfort and luxury to your holiday. Think of a babysitting service, catering, organisation of activities and more.


This offers a number of additional services related to your upcoming stay in your home, such as cleaning, an airport pick-up service and more.

Garden management and pool monitoring

This service provides proper guidance and control of general maintenance for your garden and swimming pool.


This service can be purchased by you in the way that suits you best. You can decide on the frequency of cleaning.

Construction activities & renovations

We carry out the supervision and inspection of a renovation or other construction activity on your property.