House Check Costa Brava

This service is the core of our business: looking after and checking your home, garden and swimming pool.

This core service involves checking your home at least once every fortnight for the following items:

  • Checking electricity and Internet connection
  • Checking water and water supply
  • Checking gas supply or oil tank level
  • Checking the cleaning of the house
  • Checking the maintenance of your swimming pool, as well as the quality of the water
  • Checking the maintenance of your garden
  • Checking for possible defects in doors, windows, locks or fences
  • Additional check for damage in event of extreme weather conditions.

Naturally, you will be informed immediately of any damage noticed in your property.

In addition to the basic contract, you can also opt for the following additional services, among others:

Alarm service
PMEmporda is the contact for the alarm in your home.

Heating service
PMEmporda turns on the heating of your house and pool before you come to the house yourself, and off again after you leave.

Postal address
Our office can serve as a mailing address and thus be used for management of electricity and water; administration and tax returns.

PMEmporda will send monthly e-mail summaries of what we have done in your home, and will provide a cost summary supported by photos of any work done.

Thanks to PME's care, problems in and around your home can be prevented!

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Property-Management-PMEmporda-Costa-Brava-Begur-villa examination 5
Property-Management-PMEmporda-Costa-Brava-Begur-villa examination 3
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All the services of PMEmporda:


We check your home at least once every fortnight. Think of your electricity, water, gas supply, cleaning and more.

Extra service

These services add comfort and luxury to your holiday. Think of a babysitting service, catering, organisation of activities and more.


This offers a number of additional services related to your upcoming stay in your home, such as cleaning, an airport pick-up service and more.

Garden management and pool monitoring

This service provides proper guidance and control of general maintenance for your garden and swimming pool.


This service can be purchased by you in the way that suits you best. You can decide on the frequency of cleaning.

Construction activities & renovations

We carry out the supervision and inspection of a renovation or other construction activity on your property.